HSource1 is the state-of-the-art healthcare supply platform that was established to aid governments, healthcare entities and consumers worldwide.  Our main objective at HSource1 is focusing on providing a central location for hospitals, governments, and business to procure highly needed medical supplies including surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment and personal protective equipment (“PPE”) products.  We are a private network, where all members and supplies are vetted thoroughly by H-Source, increasing the accuracy and confidence of all participants including buyers and sellers. 

The platform is FDA and DSCSA compliant for pharmaceuticals and GS-1 UDI/GTIN for devices including serialization.  Integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Business Intelligence (“BI”) enhance the data analytics for supply chain optimization. Blockchain is offered as an add-on, at an additional cost, for robust security and traceability. Additionally, the H-Source platform provides all the accounting and data allowing buyers and sellers to capture product transactions and custody movements.  

HSource1 is a proprietary, patented technology company operating within the healthcare industry through its wholly owned subsidiary, H-Source, Inc.